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Annual website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your website up-to-date and effective. Choose the annual package which meets your needs.

We have all types of AMC packages starting from Value package for Small businesses & organizations, who needs less monthly time but needs consistent care & Platinum package for large organizations requiring more time as 180 hrs per month which cost as low as Rs. 260/hr.

AMC Packages & Pricing
Please check the different types of AMC packages which suits your needs & budget best.


Package Name







Hours per month







Hours per year







Payment Time







Price Per Hour

USD 7.50

USD 7.50

USD 7.00

USD 6.50

USD 5.55


Yearly Pricing

USD 1350

USD 2700

USD 5040

USD 7800

USD 12000

Scope of work
Website maintenance contracts only cover minor alterations, updates and repairs. Maintenance requests requiring extensive alterations or updates are beyond the scope of the website maintenance contract and will be quoted separately.

In addition to completing all maintenance requests, your contract includes:

  1. Monthly Health Check: Includes internal and external links, on-line forms, search facilities, site maps and any dynamic functionality.

  2. Quarterly Statement: Details hours used, hours available and a breakdown of the work completed.

  3. Annual Design & Marketing Report: Review to ensure your website is relevant, attractive, and functional properly according to current market trends.

Turnaround Time
Website maintenance requests are submitted via e-mail. Depending on the complexity of the request, the job will be completed in minimum time.

Services covered in Annual Maintenance Packages are:

  • Graphic Design Support

  • Catalog Management

  • Advertisements

  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management

  • Online Marketing Campaigns

  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters Management

  • Flash Advertisements & Presentation Updates

  • Content Management

Services NOT covered in Annual Maintenance Packages are:

  • Major graphic updates or New Designs

  • Creating new Advertising material.

  • Major functionality & design change

  • Altering the usability of website.

  • Search Engine Optimization

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